1. Rodriguez - Cause

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    The Number Twelve Looks Like You - Weekly Wars (live)

  3. Don’t miss your chance to see it while it’s all happening. These are once in a lifetime events and Time will wait for no one. Time will wait for no one.


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    I’ll Keep It With Mine by Bob Dylan

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  9. Sunday Night Into Monday Morning

    We finished filming and were rapping up at the location by midnight. It was a crazy last few hours. Three days on set, eleven hours of sleep, one trip to Denny’s. It was a two hour drive to get home from Orange. I was nearly moved to tears when I found a gas station with a Dunkin Donuts open at two in the morning. With five dollars left to my name, I bought a bic lighter, an iced mocha regular, and a lemon donut. I arrived home at 4:20 AM. I’ve spent a lot of time driving long distances by myself in the past twelve months and I understand now how crucial it is to stop and not try to force myself to stay awake. I am lucky to have worked on this project and, although I can’t say I am fully proud of my work thus far, I left that night feeling rewarded and fulfilled. As I limped down the dirt road back to my car, I stopped and let the serenity of the night sky wash over. I might never have an experience like this again. 


  11. It is so damn hot in here, this room is killing me.

    It has been a long time since I last wrote to you. I wish I could explain why it is so hard to write anything besides the occasional online post, over complicated list or redundant sticky note. Maybe its because every thing I write is just a message that I need to get clear with myself. Yet I refuse to listen. I am currently working sound on a horror film entitled “Don’t Call Me Marty” in Orange, Massachusetts. This is the first film production I have worked on outside of my collegiate filmmaking career. If only the people here could understand how hard this for me. I get so worked up in my head when I think about everything thats going on that I have trouble finding the words to say. Im just trying to be helpful and in the midst of all the chaos I’m learning as much as I can (this sounds so pathetic, but it’s a late night tumblr post, what do you expect). I really want this weekend to be over. I just need to try my best and keep calm cause if I let my anxiety get the best of me that is when I start to lose it. There is so much left unsaid. Till next time… 

  12. Vibes

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